Andreeva Portrait Gallery

Santa Fe, New Mexico

This interior renovation is located in the center of historic Santa Fe, New Mexico. In a context of both authentic and faux references to adobe construction the client wanted to create a more modern interior environment as a backdrop and counterpoint to the display of fine Russian portraiture.

A system of orthogonal, L-shaped wall and ceiling elements was designed to frame and separate the gallery space. Each element consists of a vertical display wall contiguous with a projecting ceiling. The ceilings define intimate spaces for viewing the portraits as well as provide a continuous ledge for lighting. The projecting ceilings also serve as a foil, concealing existing ductwork and air conditioning units. The rectilinear stepping and notching of the wall/ceiling elements makes reference to the massiveness of vernacular adobe architecture while creating an elegant and articulated interior.

Depending on its position, a large pivoting blue door dynamically redefines the office area as either separate from the gallery space or seamlessly contiguous. Movable custom fabricated bronze and stainless steel display easels allow dynamic flexibility in their ability to hold individual portraits in different locations and orientations in the gallery space.